Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and integrity.

Mr. Lin Zuoqin
Mr. Lin ZuoqinGroup Managing Director, Inner Galaxy Group

Speech from the GMD

Today’s world waits for no one. Advances in technology are coming at exponential rates. Yesterday’s wants have become today’s needs. Cultures are transforming, some going extinct. Fortunately, the tools for success and excellent service delivery have even become better. In the midst of these dynamic times, good old TRUST has become the basis for business and general interactions. It is this same TRUST that the Inner Galaxy Group produces and sells.

Nigeria has huge potentials for manufacturing especially with skilled manpower and diverse natural resources abounding across each region. This huge potential has fuelled our growth within a short space of time. From a lowly steel plant in the city of Lagos, we have become a market leader in the steel industry in Nigeria while we continue to spread our tentacles across the West African coast. Diversifying into machinery and equipment while expanding our Waste-To-Wealth Initiative, our vision remains to stay in the forefront of TRUST & INTEGRITY in recycling and infrastructural Industry in Africa.

It is on this note that I must appreciate our numerous customers spread across the Wes Africa who have always believed in us. I must also commend the dynamic and vibrant team of management and staff behind this brand, driving our passion and allowing us to exceed all our expectations. Lastly, I must commend the Government and people of Nigeria for their relentless support. Together, we will continue to amaze ourselves.