Jiuxing Integrative Industries Limited is a subsidiary of Inner Galaxy Group Limited. Jiuxing specializes in building and construction of Steel Structure projects with qualified expertise and technology to handle same. As an integrated steel structure firm, Jiuxing’s expertise extends to mechanical design, processing and assembling of agricultural vehicles and machinery. We also excel in the construction of all kinds of steel structure modular bridges – from pedestrian bridges to over-bridges and panel bridges. Our technology in this area is such that we can fully construct a bridge in our factory, transport to site and install in a matter of hours.

We also have expertise to handle complex steel structure buildings like train stations, airport terminals, factories, warehouses, company head offices, and any building that requires perfect steel structure framework.

With the current Industrialization push, as well as expansion in the Agricultural sector in Nigeria, we are poised to partner with Nigeria in expanding its production capacities in both Industry and Agriculture.

Our facility is geared to produce at an annual optimum capacity of 15,000 MT of steel structure components, 15,000 Agricultural vehicles and 150,000 pieces of steel machinery parts. Jiuxing also prides itself in the capacity to produce machinery and parts for industrial processes such as picking, galvanizing, boring, milling, grinding, drilling, thermal treatment, steel structure assembling and calibrating, submerged arc welding gantry, automatic roll welding and many more. We also deal on other professional equipment such as machines for equilibrium test, ultrasonic inspection, coating thickness test, metallic material test, impact test and hardness test. In other words, we cover all your industrial and agricultural machinery needs.

We can manufacture all kinds of semitrailer, such as flat bed semitrailer, low bed, high fence, side flip, van type, container flat bed, side dumping trailer, rear side dumping trailer etc. Our engineers and workers come from one of the best semitrailer manufacturers in the world, CIMC.
MT of steel structure components per annum
Agricultural Vehicle per annum
pieces of steel machinery parts per annum


We provide several services including:

Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structures

Silos and Tanks

Over Head Crane

Semitrailer (flat bed, low bed, side flip, high fence, skeleton etc)

Steel Structure Modular Bridges

Steel Structure Building

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